Sunday, September 25, 2011


About those wood-paneled walls…

In my business as a mobile home sales specialist, I refer to mobile homes (and manufactured homes) as either “older” or “newer,” and one of the indicators of home age is the walls.  “Newer” homes, also called “manufactured homes” have drywall; “older” mobile homes have wood paneled walls, ranging in color from dark to medium to light.  (Note: some of the very old homes, built in the early to mid-1960’s, have real wood inside, which polishes up very nice).

If you want to buy a low-priced fixer that has wood paneling on the inside --- and you don’t like wood paneling --- there are several things you can do to change it.

A layer of KILZ and some nice paint that still lets the dividing lines on the paneling show through can create a farmhouse look.  (Swiss Coffee is one of the most popular interior colors, but it is not the color shown in this photo.)

Some homeowners painstakingly fill in the separating lines in the wood paneling to create a flat look on the wall, prior to painting.

And I have seen licensed contractor Michael Calabrese do a good job of installing drywall over the wood paneling.

Any of these methods is adequate for creating a modern feel in an older mobile home.

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