Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Little Humor For You

At one time, I was an engineering student.  This was back-in-the-day when I was partly in (and trying to get more “in”) the entertainment industry and I found myself in back-to-back FCC-licensing classes (a job requirement that is no longer needed due to the outstanding technology available).

I was attending classes taught by a short-haired leisure-suit-wearing nerd (before nerds were ‘hot’) who we called Mr. Berger (even though he was probably only 5 years older than me), and this man went out of his way to make sure we got our money’s worth by providing a few chuckles throughout our class day.

I have never forgotten the joke diagram below.  Know what it is, any of you engineers?


It is a volts-wagon towing a mobile-ohm.

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